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Collin's Campers

Horse camp is a wonderful way for kids to learn about horses and the life lessons they teach us! The Elizabeth T. Collins Riding Camp Award is awarded to an individual or individuals to enable them to participate in equestrian camps with a recognized partner program.

ECHO's Horses

ECHO accepts a limited number of horses who are good candidates to be trained as therapy horses. ECHO works with partner trainers who volunteer their time and resources to support ECHO horses while they are being retrained.

What is ECHO?

Equine Communication Helping Others (ECHO) Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that seeks to enable individuals to experience the full breadth of horsemanship education, training, careers and skills building who could not otherwise afford to do so. ECHO supports the integration of therapeutic and typical riders in lesson programs, shows, camps, clinics and other equine facilitated activities.

Partner Programs

ECHO selects our partner programs very carefully. Partner programs must share ECHO’s philosophy of inclusion regardless of riders’ abilities, special needs, race, age or socioeconomic status. Successful partners must demonstrate a commitment to being fully integrated programs.

When a horse greets you with a nicker and regards you with a large and liquid eye, the question of where you want to be has been answered.

– Unknown –

Equine Communication Helping Others

Equine Communication Helping Others (ECHO) Foundation is a registered and recognized  501(c)3 that seeks to help people experience the full breadth of horsemanship–education, training, careers and skills building–who could not otherwise do so. ECHO is built on the philosophy that people with different abilities and challenges should be integrated into lesson programs, shows, camps, and other equine facilitated activities. Our goal is to promote inclusivity in the equine community.

Our Mission

ECHO Foundation provides opportunities for people to connect with horses in positive ways.

  • Provide financial support to individuals of any age, physical ability, or skill level for the purpose of participating in equine activities including, but not limited to, experiential equine-assisted therapy sessions, therapeutic riding lessons, typical riding lessons, and horse camps.
  • Provide financial support for facility improvements/modifications as well as equipment to benefit children and adults with special needs, including, but not limited to, safety equipment, therapy-specific tack, or facility improvements necessary for accessibility of wheelchairs and/or other tools necessary for inclusivity in horseback riding activities.
  • Provide financial support for education, certification, and licensure in order that riding instructors may offer equine-assisted therapies to people with special needs; as well as provide training for volunteers such as side walkers for inclusive riding programs.
  • Provide financial support for training and/or reeducation of horses to be used for the purpose of integrated programming including, but not limited to, therapeutic riding, mental health and chemical dependency therapy, and PTSD therapy.

How to Help

ECHO assists individuals and programs in obtaining safety equipment such as:

  • helmets
  • boots
  • half chaps
  • peacock safety stirrups
  • rainbow reins
  • therapy saddles
  • safety halters
  • mounting blocks
  • lifts
  • ramps
  • lighting

ECHO also seeks to assist riding programs make their facilities special needs accessible.

These efforts are only possible through the generous support of donors. You may donate items or financial support.

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